The #1 Heated/Hot Yoga Solution

The ever common frustration of "kitty-littering' your feet in your heated/hot yoga practice – this is just 1 of many distractions yogi's face with a typical yoga towel.

How about never again?
ridgeback® yoga has the 1 solution fix to this and many other issues relating to a yoga towel.

The ridgeback yoga rug. - perfect for 
heated power vinyasa/ashtanga flow, yoga/warrior sculpt, plyometrics

    • Never fidget again – the yoga rug won't move throughout your entire practice.

    • You only need 1 ridgeback yoga rug.

    • WHY?

      • 100% hand woven thick cotton to absorb all your sweat and stay grounded.

      • The border & mat-sided gripper tape

      • the general weight of the rug - 4lbs.

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* Hey Local Twin Cities Yogi's!
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