designed/founded - USA | handwoven in India

journey to Panipat

I believe that where we come from truly shapes who we are, and that the same idea applies to retail. That, and a little bit of serendipity, is how the ridgeback yoga rug ended up all the way across the globe in India—the birthplace of yoga—where I partnered with skilled artisans who’ve been practicing the same weaving methods through apprenticeship for 700 years.

After visiting Panipat, the city of weavers, and witnessing my vision come to life in the hands of these craftsmen and women, I knew it was the the right home for the ridgeback® yoga rug. The mutual respect and gratitude in our partnership was overwhelming. I can promise you that every thread in your ridgeback® yoga rug was designed and woven with purpose and intent.


our partner in manufacturing:

ISO 9001:2008 certified