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Better Grip for Non-Slip | Super Absorbent | No Stink | Won't Move 
Green & Sustainable | Distraction Free

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Join the ridgeback® yoga RUG revolution & Throw In The Towel. All heated & hot yogi's can relate to the universal frustrations with the common yoga towel – see why the ridgeback yoga rug is the #1 heated & hot yoga tool necessity!

The number 1 heated/hot yoga necessity to eliminate your common frustrations with a yoga towel. Simply lay over your yoga mat – the ridgeback® yoga RUG will NOT twist, bunch, or curl corners. It won't move your entire practice! Super absorbent 100% cotton base, even for the sweatiest of practices! Just hang dry after each use & it's ready for your next practice. You only have to Wash after 10+ uses! No Stink! Yep... Also hang after machine wash. Convenient zipper pocket that's water resistent, for your jewelry, keys, studio pass, wallet, phone (silence please!). NO MORE FRUSTRATIONs! For a distraction free yoga practice...

The breakdown of why the ridgeback yoga rug simply works better than the yoga towel. Better grip, won't move, no microfiber, no stink, storage. The perfect solution for the following heated & hot yoga practices: Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Sculpt, Fusion, Baptiste, power flows, plyometrics or any
yoga you use a yoga towel over the yoga mat.

No fuss, just walk into your studio's yoga class, lay your mat down first,
then your yoga rug on top with the saffron gripper tape down on the yoga mat. The drishti grommet at the top & pocket back right... No more looking for the
spray bottle, the more you sweat the better the yoga rug works!

 "Makes me wonder WHY I ever used a yoga towel in the first place!!"

- 5 Star review on Amazon by Paul 

Watch Amy move and the ridgeback yoga rug stays put, something she
has battled with the yoga rug. Perfect solution for any heated & hot yoga:
Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Sculpt, Fusion, Baptiste, power flows, plyometrics
or any yoga you use a yoga towel over the yoga mat.

Steady your drishti, focus, and soft gaze. In the meantime the yoga rug
won't Stink like the Yoga Towel inevitably will. No need to Wash after each practice. Simply Hang Dry after each practice & wash after every 10+ practices... No microfiber - environmentally sound.

Better Grip, Won't Move, Environmentally better, No Stink, Machine Wash,
It's time to Throw in the Yoga Towel!

This is how I roll with the ridgeback yoga rug. I put it in my backpack.
Then after I get home I hang it to dry and the yoga rug is ready for my next practice. I use a rental yoga mat underneath, my yoga rug adds more cushion for my wrists and joints. In other words, no need for a fancy expensive yoga mat.

The only solution for Beach Yoga. Bring the yoga rug to the beach-instead of 
the yoga mat that you can't get the sand off of - so frustrating! Practice yoga, bring along to your yoga retreat & bring to your next yoga festival (works great in the grass). Simply shake it out, and poof, the sand is gone. This is one of the times I say, no need for a Yoga Mat under the ridgeback® yoga rug.