The Best Yoga Towel Ever is Actually a RUG


hot yoga must have

grip | ultra absorbent | no fidget | no stink

In Bikram, hot yoga, hot power vinyasa flow, or any yoga practiced in a heated or hot studio – the typical yoga towel or leading brands don't hold up to our performance functionality. Be supported by the super absorbent, better gripped, distraction free yoga rug that won't move as you flow, sweat, focus, build & chill. Oh, you can even store your jewelry/phone/keys in the pocket. Also, the best beach or grass yoga accessory on the market!

view the ridgeback in action

more you sweat the better

the ultimate absorption - no more pooling or stink

soak it up

this rug will NOT move

sweat | flow | sculpt

watch it work

designed with intent

every inch, front & back was engineered for performance


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read why this yoga rug out preforms the yoga towel & why you will never go back

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I don’t know about you, but I have had times in my life where I look at a picture from my past and don’t remember that moment, that fun, that...

I have been practicing Bikram yoga for 15 years and have tried every towel out there and every single one ended up smelling, slipping when wet, and I would become frustrated during class. This rug has been amazing!! I don’t have to wash after every practice and it doesn’t smell!!! My practice has improved because I no longer slip, which also improved my mental focus!! I just love it and I will never go back to the stinky towels. It is worth every penny! I can’t believe it took so long to discover it!

AnaYogini - 5 star Amazon review

Worth every penny - not only does it stay put during both hot yoga and hot pilates, it provides fantastic grip for hands and feet. Love that it can be washed, but doesn't need to be after every use. Solid craftsmanship.

Christie - 5 star Amazon review

Best hot yoga mat ever! I have been using this for a couple months and this is the absolute best yoga mat I’ve ever had. I practice heated power yoga and this mat stays put. Unlike any towel I have ever used/sprayed with water, etc. I use this over top of my yoga mat. I wash it about every 7-10x I use it. It hasn’t smelled. I recommend it.

T's - 5 star Amazon review

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"Speaking of gifts for yogis, this yoga rug (an alternative to the ubiquitous towel) is changing the game" - Jetsetter

“Every thread, every detail was designed with intention”

"Speaking of gifts for yogis, this yoga rug (an alternative to the ubiquitous towel) is changing the game" - Jetsetter

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