expects & specs

the ridgeback yoga rug lays OVER your MAT

 • • •  ridgeback® standard size specs  • • • 

• • •  ridgeback® XL size specs (all components included just longer!• • • 

 28" x 86" x .25"  note: a handwoven rug has a tolerance of +/- .5"-1.5"

your ridgeback® care label   • • • 

Body: 100% Cotton Ornamentation:
12% EPDM Gripper Cord, 18% Polyester Border
  • Latex free
  • Machine wash cold as needed (you don't need to wash after every use, try it!)
  • Wash separately and after we recommend to line or flat dried.
  • Able to be tumble dry gentle, medium heat, or hung on a hook by the drishti point grommet.
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not use dryer sheets or fabric softeners
  • Natural fading will occur from washing & drying. Drying in the direct sun will fade it more rapidly.

expectations for your ridgeback®   • • • • •

With 5 different components/materials to a single hand woven rug, we expect some variances. After 5 years of prototyping and testing in the studio, drying in the sun, running it through the washer & dryer, here is what you might expect:

do I need to wash this every use?   No!  In my experience with the ridgeback®, I practice about 5-6 days a week, and my history of using a towel that needed to be washed after every use, I wanted the ridgeback® to be able to withstand the wash and dry process. I discovered over time, one of the beauties is that you do not have to wash after each use. After experimenting and practicing in intense, sweaty practices to get my body oils and salts out of the rug, it need to be washed in the 10-15 use range.

does it shed?  Some shedding occurs when and if you use it right out of the 'box'. This won't hurt you or your belongings. To avoid this we recommend to machine wash gentile, hang dry, or through it in the dryer for a few minutes. It should go away after the 1st 1-2 washes. We use a 3 ply unprocessed cotton intentionally - in other words it isn't ring spun. This is a thick tactile cotton that is super absorbent and also aids in grip. 

will it shrink?  Some slight shrinkage, a tolerance +/- 1" of the cotton is expected, but it will not affect the function and how it lays flat on your mat in the studio.  

will it stink?  I have yet to have it stink and I have tested the ridgeback without washing it up to 20 times. Bacteria is what causes stink, while the EPDM cord is anti-microbial, the cotton however, is not. The natural fibers of cotton will not hold the bacteria like fully synthetic base materials. I noticed it needs to be washed after about 10 uses, due to my nature bodily oils or lotions I choose to use. Note I generally practice a variety of different yoga in a heated studio, so that number may vary.  

what kind of mat do I need?  Here is the brilliant thing, no need for expensive, extra thick mats (though it does make it that much more cushy), it was designed to lay over any thickness and work it's magic, even your rental mats (that's what we use!)

sun dry?  Everybody loves a sun dried freshness.  This is fine with your ridgeback™, the gripper cord will hold strong, but you can expect fading of the base color, which is why we recommend laying flat or hang dry out of direct sunlight.

machine wash?  Of course! I run mine through the wash separately or with my yoga attire on gentle cycle and a little detergent. Depending on my timing after spin cycle I either lay it out to dry outside out of direct sun or I machine dry. 

machine dry:  Designed to be machine dried too, but you’ll get more life out of your ridgeback™ if you just simply hang or lay flat out of the direct sunlight. Or hang by the 'drishti' point grommet after the spin cycle.  Many days I don’t dry it, or it doesn’t fully dry and it works great like that… lays flat, hold my asanas safely, comfortably and a the most pleasant savasana yet.

hand-woven rug:  One of the beauties of the ridgeback® is that it's not a mass produced item, it has the artisan touch and human energy woven into every fiber of its being. You will feel that energy the moment you lay the ridgeback yoga rug over your mat and begin your practice. It is really special, and I can't wait to hear your own experience.