Do I need a yoga mat when I practice yoga with a ridgeback® yoga rug?

The simple answer is yes & no. What? That’s not simple!  It basically boils down to what type of flooring does your yoga studio have, or where you are practicing. Okay, here are some ‘yes’ & ‘no’s’ for when you need a yoga mat with your ridgeback® rug versus when you don’t. FYI: when referring to where the ridgeback performs best in a yoga studio it would be in a hot or heated yoga environment.

YES yoga mat: When your yoga studio floor is hardwood, such as; bamboo, linoleum liner with ⅛” cushion over cement, vinyl, cement, just cork on cement, carpet (old school Bikram studios). Additionally, if your hot yoga studio still has carpet, then yes, for sure, use a yoga mat, and a ridgeback yoga rug for ultimate protection from microorganisms, maybe even a hazmat suit ;). Note, your yoga mat doesn’t have to be an extremely heavy thick yoga mat in these scenarios, rather a sticky or thinner mat (⅜”-½”) will do. So, yep, go ahead and lay your ridgeback yoga rug over your mat and flow - it is by far the better way, Find out why!

No yoga mat: If your studio has these amazing, practice changing – for the better, cushioned tile flooring system (½”), provided by Zebra™. Today at Modo Minneapolis Yoga, one of many community based hot yoga studios around the country, you ain’t gonna need a yoga mat if you have a ridgeback. Co-Owner & Instructor, Philly D. provided a much needed hot yoga experiences. I laid the rug in my spot, to practice, no need for spray bottles, no need for a yoga mat. Because the flooring has enough cushion to provide comfort of my joints, stability, and balance, the perfect pairing is just the ridgeback rug. I could sweat, build strength, breathe, flow, meditate, and mostly, have fun. All because my ridgeback yoga rug can handle copious amounts of sweat, it won’t move, twist, bunch, nor will the corners curl. I have better grip for my hands & feet for flowing from poses because of the gripper ‘ridges’. I can lay there & it doesn’t feel like I am laying in a soppy pool of sweat. When finished, all I have to do is fold my rug up and put it in my bag and I am outta there feeling F.I.N.E...fine! Not only that, I have the added feeling of being a part of a sustainable, eco-friendly solution all around. Like Zebra™ & Modo Yoga, the ridgeback has little impact on the environment. Unlike the yoga towel with its micro fibers and having to wash after every yoga practice. One of the many benefits of the ridgeback® of not needing to wash every time you use it, even after the sweatiest of practices, just hang after practice to dry - No Stink!  Wash after every 10+ uses or if you tend to use lots of oils or lotions. 

No yoga mat: When you are headed to an outdoor yoga retreat or yoga festival in the grass. The ridgeback is so fun for retreats because no mat is needed and you can lay it down in a shady spot after class to rest, read, or mostly, eat some sort of non GMO, organic, raw, vegan, paleo, Keto meal from the ubiquitous random food truck at the yoga festivals. Don’t forget about the water resistant pocket pouch for keys, phone, wallet - don’t wanna loose that for your much deserved smoothie!

No yoga mat: Doing Beach Yoga! This fabulous solution to the frustration of sand adhering to your mat, which then gets tracked from the beach to your studio. Simply, lay the ridgeback rug directly on the sand, practice yoga, when done, give the rug a good shake out and, poof, no sand. Go ahead, do a two-a-day, after the beach head over to your favorite yoga spot with that same ridgeback and you won’t worry about tracking sand in! It is also good for some post sun soak layout with a good book opportunities as well!  

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