Best College Dorm Room Yoga Towel

The Best College Yoga Towel is Actually a Yoga Rug, the ridgeback yoga rug.

Every college kid hates doing laundry.  Remember?  This meant a trip to the laundromat, the coin operated washer/dryer in the basement of the dorm, your clothes getting pushed out and put in a basket because you forgot about them and someone else needed the dryer. 

If you're doing heated yoga or hot yoga with a towel, things can get pretty stinky in your dorm room or apartment.  Most people doing hot yoga have at least 2 towels to go over their sticky mat but many have 4, 5 or 6 to get them through to the next classes before having to do laundry.
The best hot yoga towel for going back to school is not a towel, it's a RUG, the ridgeback® yoga rug.  You only need 1 rug!  Sweat all you want, drench it, make it so heavy it's 2 pounds heavier with sweat than when you walked in. 
Now, bring it home and hang it up to dry.  If you don't mind a faded look, put it over your apartment balcony in the sun.
If you aren't that fortunate, just hang it by the grommet inside.
hanging yoga rug

The ridgeback has a heavy duty 'drishti' grommet intended for you to hang the rug to dry after each practice.  The natural cotton will not stink if you let it dry after practice.  Don't expect any magic if you keep it rolled up or bunched in your trunk or gym bag – a simple hang dry and the ridgeback yoga rug is ready to go the next day to lay over your mat. 










To quote an Amazon reviewer:

ridgeback Amazon review

"I sweat a LOT and the sweat just disappears into this mat during practice. I hang it up after practice using the ring built into the top on a hook or throw it over a door. I wash it only every month or two and practice about 20 times a month. Amazingly, the odor stay away for a long time before I feel the need to wash it."

No need for multiple yoga towels, you only need 1 rug.  Not only is it great for your dorm or apartment, it also happens to be the best yoga towel on the market.  Here's why:

  • The rug WON'T MOVE! - no twisting, bunching, corners curling, the rug stays put while you move from pose to pose.
  • GRIPPER 'RIDGES': yogi sided grip for hands & feet - to help prevent slipping - 'ridgeback' 

Watch why you will never go back to the ubiquitous yoga towel and why you will always bring your ridgeback yoga rug to practice!