5 Unique & Thoughtful Yoga Gifts

  1. ridgeback™ | yoga RUG: your yogi will finally get a distraction-free, anti-slip, sweat absorption/dispersing rug that won’t move throughout their entire practice. Give the ultimate gift of presence that lasts. Simply lay the ridgeback yoga rug OVER your mat and stay grounded for good. Hand woven in the birthplace of yoga, India and designed in the USA. This yoga rug even has a h20 resistant pocket to hold jewelry, studio pass, keys or phone.  ($139) Yogi’s everywhere are Obsessed! 

    instagram: @ridgebackyoga

  2. Radiate | Men’s Compression Short: Inspired by athletic uniforms. Articulated vented mesh panels, flat seams and double front are superior for hot yoga enthuses. This keeps you aired out while seamlessly fitting to your body comfortably. ($59)  Go Radiate!

    instagram: @radiateactivewear

  3. Love & Drishti | Aquamarine Pendant with Sterling Silver Chain: Aquamarine clears the mind, balances emotions and strengthens personal power and it’s gorgeous. Lays around the neck in a gorgeous, sexy and striking style all encompassed in serenity. ($248) Ommmmm.

    instagram: @loveanddrishti

  4. Soma Water Bottle | Glass Water Bottle: Water just tastes better out of a glass bottle. 17oz, sweet looking bamboo cap, silicone outer layer for breakage protection. This company also partners with ocean conservation causes that are right up our alley. ($30) Replenish the soul!   

    instagram: @somawater

  5. Sweaty Betty | 

    Invigorate Lux Hoodie

    This is the most comfy and flattering insulating hoodie in a luxury Italian Fleece to keep you warm and chill out – to and from practice. With comfortable flat seams, an asymmetric ribbed hem, and a oversized collar. ($165) Ahhh... 

    instagram: @sweatybetty