this is us

founder • designer • yogi

Kerry Roth is a graphic designer by profession; and a yogi by life philosophy. She united her two passions when she created the ridgeback — taking four years to thoughtfully develop and design a rug that would allow yogis to better hold a pose, and flow without distraction. Her vision to have every inch of it produced with integrity and beautiful craftsmanship led her to India, the birthplace of yoga  — and now the ridgeback. 

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and the Gulf Shores of Longboat Key, Kerry currently resides in Minneapolis, with her partner Brad (in business and in life), their four kids, Henry, Charlie, Piper and Huck, and golden retriever, Timber. It’s a life packed to the brim with distractions, which is why she’s always looking for a better way to simplify. Gratitude is big part of her daily practice.